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Special Issue: September, 2019



Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu from Kukatpally, India is (B.Com, DBM, PGDCA, DCP) a administrative & Trainging Manager, Social Activist, Editorial committee Member at Poet & Novelist.  His story books LADY POLICE,. THE DOCTOR AND GHOSTS, and UNIVERSAL POEMS were released this year 2019. And Haiku Poems 425 book already released as ebook. He is conferred as LITERARY BRIGADIER at, Mumbai, India. He is also the member of Editorial Board of a fast growing, reputed, peer-reviewed Journal called “The UNIverse Journal”



I knew it well
Things do not favor me
It was a life and death question
I hoped for good //

I was always praying the Almighty
To clinch the marriage issue
I like no untoward incidents
I was little bit apprehensive //

Doubted my ensuing in-laws
I was observing their psychology
Time was rolling out
I was in full control with deep thoughts //

I was looking at my wrist watch
Observing the Time & date
I was disappointed for few days
I thought for a while //

To swim in the Life Sea
To reach the Life Shore //

I like to swim in the Sea
To reach the Sea Shore //

I thought, never to give up
Hopes always live with hopes
I had a detailed discussion
I had exciting talk //

I was relieved from tension
I asked uncle
Sought for marriage alliance with Uncle´s son
I want to settle in life //

Run the family with peace of mind
Hubby has better principles in life
I recouped with heavy breath
Prepared for countdown days //

I made gate dash for clinching my issue
Observed bridegroom´s father carefully
He walked to the door
I knew, time was running out //

Suppressed the urge to check my watch
I took a deep breath
Started counting in reverse under my breath
Like, ten, nine, eight, seven, six to zero //

Though perturbed, kept my mind balanced
Came to the sense
Requested for a glass of water
Settled down for few seconds to ease tension //

My heavy breath has calmed down
Had sigh of relief
My inner sense told me to observe the wrist watch
Watching the psychology of boy´s parents //

The inner ´sacred soul´ told me to speak very softly and politely
Prepared for any eventuality in this crucial issue
Consoling my heavy inner heart
Trying to cool down my brain //

I was able to pacify myself
Able to remember my friends telling me that −
After the storm, there is always calm
After the sunshine there are showers of rain //

With this self-advocacy and self-consoling
Able to settle-down after some time
Able to manage crucial moment & time
Urged Aunty and Uncle to perform this marriage soon //

Would be mother-in-law understood well
The agony of Bride was well received
Would be bride has been given good treatment
Well spoke by would be in-laws.//

Would be in-laws agreed in toto
The bride was given an assurance by in-laws
The engagement would be accepted
The Marriage would be performed soon.//

With this kind words of in-laws
The bride was happy
Bridegroom was also happy
Engagement and Marriage took place.//

Both the new couples Happy
Both the In-laws Happy
Oh the marriage day, invitee blessings showered
New couples were very happy.//

Went on Honeymoon like twitter-shelter
´Young couples Twitter Shelter Home
Looks like Great Princes - Bonding with Loving Heart
Universal Beauty-Smarty in the World
Bonding Hands Forever, Life partners soon //

Later, Fly Away like Twitter, for Honeymoon Joy

Settle in Life for a Big Show Soon //