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Special Issue: March, 2019



Bupinder Singh

Bupinder Singh is a Teacher by profession but a writer by passion. He has published his work across a number of magazines and journals like The Week, The Big Round Table, Unlost, Eccolinguistics among many others. He is the Founder of Unfound Artists a platform for undiscovered artists. He also performs his spoken poetry.


Cemetery with no bones but only flesh,
an urn full of cotton with decomposed walls,
Beads of lapiz lazuli and of wood,
stone sliced splinters stocked in pits.
Skeletal fossil imprints, excavated in entirety,
wallowed in amber and quartz.
Dogs and sheep burried along
and some painted lustrous screen with copper handle,
Burnt brick barrage to encompass it all.
Surrounded by elaborate granaries and public baths,
uncluttered streets along squared houses.
The land may be of dead but
zombies walk here in peace now.
People with pride and prejudice,
scorned with indignation and disdain,
caught up in bizarrerie of click-baits,
adorned with gold and diamonds,
branded with the finest haute' couture,
impoverished with riches,
unrelated to their genealogy,
chasing the Cosmopolitan sun,
wax-winged Icarus lookalikes,
with flying dreams buried,
caged besides their altars,
self-immolating aspirations walk,
the cluttered street of heavenly mansions
surrounded by disposal pits of accumulated toxic left-overs.

The land may not be of the dead, still zombies walk here in peace now.