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Special Issue: June, 2019



C.P. Pathakk

C.P.Pathakk from India. A Writer, Editor, Teacher of English and Astrologer. He reads poetry, Philosophy and listens to music. His works have been published in several of magazines and journals like the Criterion, Galaxy, Ecolinguitics, The Literary Hearald, Ashwamegh and so many. He is presently editing The UNIverse Journal and also the Founder of Bihar Literary CluB. He is currently teaching in Kendriya vidyalaya as a teacher of English.

I am Kashmir..

I am the hell of the earth
I am the heaven,
I am a lake of romance
The colour of my water is
Scarlett red.

Peace be delight in my
And cries muzzle my
What I speak is profound
And return to me,
My voices guffaw at me.

Beauty of checks may mesmerize you
And lulled by,
And pulp of the golden fruit
Fetch you up to the vertex of delight.
And perennial trees of Devdaar kisses
The lips of the sky and his beloved moon

Where the first man fell down
Where the Eve repents for
And they mingle into one
The holy place of love and sin
where journey of us starts
For a continual act.

I live in the temple of quietude
And chants the mantra of humanity,
I am the blurry and ugliest face
Scary, tortured and palpitated.

I sojourn in the mosque
And rest in five-times call,
It stinks me bloodshed
And rotten corpse.

O! Listen, don't look me at detest
I am the beautiful and the best
I am the Vitasta, I am the Satisara,

I am the land of sage and of high taste.