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  • Submission Invited
    Submissions of Articles/Research papers/Book review/Interview/Critical Analysis/Stories/Poetry or sth innovative in writings are opened for Vol.1,Issue 3 Sep.2019. Regards!!
  • Regarding Acceptance Letter for June 2019 Issue 1.2
    Dear Creators! Those who have been selected for our Issue 1.2 June 2019 have been already sent the acceptance letter for their selected work. Kindly check it properly if any error please, contact the person below: B S Bali Associate Editor
  • Regarding ISSN & Other Recognition
    Dear Creators!! It is to notify all the writers who have been selected and published in our journal for the first issue having no ISSN No which has already been applied. As soon as we are conferred the same. All Published writers shall be sent the NO as well as other recognition through email. Best Wishes!!


About us: The UNIverse Journal



Dear Readers!!

The UNIverse Journal:
The logic of keeping the first three letters of the title in capital is that they stand for (UNI): Unfound National & International and the rest “VERSE” in small simply supply the meaning of rhythm. we as small entity live in the infinite cosmos which moves on a constant rhythm as I see as a poet. similarly as writers we create our own cosmos through writing that we live in. so, as small worlds from different corner of the earth, we should assemble and forms a truly beautiful worlds of ours.

अप्प दीपो भव:
This is taken from Buddhism philosophy or of Jataka sutra which really befits our aim as well as our being as creators. It simply means “Be a light unto yourself” Intellects are the mind of the society thus its our moral responsibility to guide them in true direction.we as a self illuminated soul are bound to light the entire earth we live in.

The Logo:
The emblem of ‘The UNIverse Journal’ depicts the hidden meaning of our mission. The old BARGAD tree suggests that we must keep root to grow higher and higher to touch the sky and it is only possible when you yourself illuminate your inner incandescence as Illuminati -the motif line of the journal.


‘The UNIverse Journal’ is a digital publishing platform that aims to connect passionate writers with passionate readers who will support their work. We do this through experimental methods of gathering, selecting, editing, and distributing ambitious narrative stories, and, eventually, researching the reading and sharing behavior around those stories. And by convening forums-online and in person-where writers can learn and connect for mutual support.We also undergrid literary contributions in the form of original poetry, fiction, short-stories, book reviews and author interviews.

We assist to those unfound national and international emerging writers as the first three letters of the title of our journal suggests “UNI” who need a supportive base as well as also welcome established writers.

Happy writing!!

The UNIverse Journal